• Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve

    Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve

  • Map of Penang Hill Car Parks

    Map of Penang Hill Car Parks

  • Jadual Perkhidmatan Funikular Bukit Bendera

    Jadual Perkhidmatan Funikular Bukit Bendera



    Jadilah RAKAN BUKIT BENDERA untuk menikmati akses tanpa had (istimewa) di stesen bukit yang paling popular di rantau ini!

    Selain daripada perjalanan funikular yang menyeronokan, pemegang pas juga akan terpesona dan menikmati dengan tarikan ‘Hijau’, pemandangan yang menakjubkan dan budaya George Town.

    PSST! 50 pendaftaran pertama untuk PAS FUNIKULAR satu tahun akan menerima hadiah eksklusif. #bukitbendera #RAKANBUKITBENDERA

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Discover Penang Hill

Episode 1

Discover the Best of Penang Hill as lovingly described by former Finance Minister and former Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng. Be enthralled as you learn about what’s unique and fascinating to do while at Penang Hill

Episode 2

Be it a bold explorer, a thrill-seeker or someone in need of a rustic respite, Penang Hill has a bit of all that and so much more to offer for an enjoyable holiday. Take a glimpse of the gems available around Penang Hill as it strives to become the hill resort of choice in Malaysia.

Episode 3

Ever wonder how the renowned Penang Hill Funicular Railway and the funiculars run without hiccups.

Take a look at behind-the-scene exposes of the unsung heroes who keep the railway operations in intact condition every day.

Episode 4

Featuring a century-old virgin rainforest, Penang Hill is a collection of hills standing taller than 700 meters above sea level.

The panoramic hills nurtures rich flora and fauna that enchant nature lovers. Get mystified as you learn about the beautifully unique nature that engulfs you.

Breathtaking Views

Fabulous panoramic views of George Town and both Penang Bridges.

Nature & Wildlife

Unique wildlife and exquisite flora

Cultural & Heritage

Marvel at heritage ambience of picturesque antiquated century old colonial-style buildings

Food & Beverages

Indulge in authentic Penang street food and Western food menu


Enjoy timeless moments of tranquillity and intimacy with loved ones.

  • Bellevue Hotel

    Bellevue Hotel is the one and only hotel on Penang Hill. Just a stone’s throw from the Upper Station, this bungalow-style hotel has a total of 12 rooms. Guests get to enjoy panoramic views of George Town’s skyline during day and night from its terrace.

  • Hillside Retreat

    The Hillside Retreat is just a stone’s throw away from George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located deep within Penang’s lush biosphere, our humble retreat offers you a tranquil gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city of this present day.

What to eat?

Indulge in authentic Penang street food and Western food menu

You will be spoilt for choice with the food selections on the hill.

Highly Recommended:

  • ABC Ice Kacang at Astaka (aka Cliff Cafe)

  • English Afternoon Tea at David Brown’s Restaurant

  • Char koay teow at Bellevue Hotel

  • Chicken peas special masala by Kacang Putih Man

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