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Owl Museum & The Cliff Cafe

The Owl Museum features an exotic, diverse and growing collection of over 1,000 rare and unique art and crafts artifacts collected from more than 20 countries over many years. It is the first museum dedicated to owl-themed arts and crafts in South East Asia.

The Owl Museum is conceived as a fun and fascinating destination for the whole family, showcasing exotic and diverse owl handicrafts from all over the world.The creativity of countless artists in creating owl artifacts out of a myriad of materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass, clay, plastic, buffalo horn, sea shells, beans, plant fibres, crystal, porcelain earthenware, paper and upcycled/recycled materials is placed on show to fascinate and inspire visitors

The Cliff Cafe is a new replacement for the old food court building on Penang Hill. 25 stalls located on two levels offer a variety of local food, drinks, snacks, and souvenirs to visitors. The stalls are operated by long-time residents of Penang Hill. Set on a lush green slope near the top of Penang Hill, the Cliff Cafe accommodates over 200 pax seating in naturally-ventilated comfort and operates from 9am to 6pm daily, with extended operating hours on special occasions.


David Brown

Tucked away on top of Penang Hill lies a distant rumour of a long forgotten garden - David Brown's at Strawberry Hill, a quintessential British colonial Restaurant and Tea Terraces.David Brown's now stands was believed to have been originally leveled by Captain Francis Light for planting strawberries which grew well here until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941.

Amidst the lush greenery, this 'hill upon a hill' restaurant standing on Strawberry Hill provides the perfect setting for meaningful memories - whether it is wedding, lifestyle parties or just chilling out with loved ones and friends.

David Brown's is ideal for company function/dinner, seminar, product launch, training, management meeting, annual or family dinner. Our friendly and professional service staff is there to ensure your requirements are met unobtrusively.

In all, this British-styled restaurant provides authentic heritage ambience with fine British cooking and a selection of Penang Specialties.There is a variety of hors d'oeuvers, steaks and chops, fresh puddings and pies and traditional roasts in the menu, which also offers a vegetarian selection.


Monkey Cup

Visitors need not travel to far away places but instead just visit us at monkeycup@penanghill you can feast your eyes and be educated with such locally unprecedented opportunity of viewing these great Carnivorous Plants varieties from all parts of the world which are embraced within the cool, lush green hill vegetation with frequent sighting of little wild-life such as squirrels, birds,monkeys,lizards,butterflies, and others fauna.


Hotel Bellevue & Aviary Ginger Garden