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“Here Comes the Kacang Putih Man!”. Mr.Sakthivel stands at his pushcart in front of Giant Tree at upper station of Penang Hill selling your favourite snack. His small metallic pushcart is stuffed with glass containers containing more than 15 varieties of peas, peanuts and beans. His family have been selling cashew nuts, peanuts as well as the potato chips, chick-peas, green peas and a variety of other nuts of sorts that catered to our likes for more than 3 generations. Simply named Chick Peas Special, one serving of this cleverly mixed concoction will have you begging for more. Stall owner, Mr. Sathivel, came up with his own secret blend of spices that includes some curry powder, turmeric and masala salt just for his special, custom-made chick peas. On the whole, it is more than a mere snack but an experience that gives you the goodness of protein-rich chick peas mixed in the best possible way with ingredients and natural flavourings that complement each other. You might not find anything quite like his special concoction in the whole of Malaysia

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