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Wax Hand is a unique form of souvenir-cum-memorabilia merchandise in Penang Hill.  Dip your hand into the liquid wax and create your own art form hand impression. The experience of having your hand made out of wax with your loved ones will increase the sentimental value of the product beyond the price. Virtually any pose formed by the hand can be made. If undecided, you can also imitate the poses from their display showcases. For double hands, both hands are required to be paired up to replicate the best effect. Again, the Wax Hand staffs will guide the pair of hands to form an attractive and befitting pose. Their wax is specially formulated not to cause any harmful reactions to the skin. From their countless experiences, even babies have undergone the waxing process unharmed. Your colourful molded souvenir impression can be taken home and enjoyed by your friends and family.

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