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User Guide

This is a mobile application user guide on how to use Penang Hill App with ease.

Getting Started
Download & Install Our Mobile App

Penang Hill App is available for two platforms which are IOS and also Android. You need to download and install the application on your mobile smartphone in order to begin using the mobile application.

1. Point of Interests

To explore and discover all the attraction at Penang Hill which allows you to know more details about the attraction.

Penang Hill App also able to show you the way from your current location to the selected attraction with the use of Google Map with GPS capability.

2. Events

To know all the activities & events which will be held at Penang Hill.

Click on the event name to know the details of the event such as location, date and time.

4. Ticket/ Services

To know all the information about ticketing and also you are able to purchase the tickets online by clicking on the purchase your tickets now button.

5. How to Get There

Read on the information on how to get to Penang Hill with eas via public transportation from Penang Bridge, Sultan Abdul Halim Shah Bridge (Penang Bridge 2), Penang International Airport and Penang Port

6. Hiking Trail Navigation

You may use this app in order to know all the hiking trails guide that is available surrounding Penang Hill with the use of Open Street Map
  • Steps to use Open Street Map
  • 1. Download & Install Open Street Map from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile phone
  • 2. Download Asia -> Malaysia map in the Open Street Map Application
  • 3. You are ready to use the hiking trails that is available on Open Street Map during your hiking at Penang Hill

7. Feedback

It is a platform that allows you to comment and feedback to Penang Hill. You may capture or upload images into the feedback in order to provide better explanation to the feedback to Penang Hill.

With the GPS coordinates which is attached with the picture, Penang Hill's staff able to identified the exact location of the picture uploaded or taken in order to take further action on it.

8. About Penang Hill

Find out more information which is about Penang Hill.